Spring Into Action: Griffis Sculpture Park

If you’re the type of person that can never decided if you want to go to an art museum or go for a hike through the woods, then I have the place for you. This weekend after putting on several layers of SPF 100 and drinking 10 liters of water (exaggeration on both parts) I headed to  one of my favorite places, Griffis Sculpture Park.

For those that are unaware, Griffis Sculpture Park is located between Ashford Hallow and East Otto New York in Cattaraugus County. Griffis was the first sculpture park in the country and features works by over 100 artists. Pretty Impressive right? Right! Now I know some of you are reading this (and I thank you for that) and saying “No way to I want to walk around a big boring art museum.”  With that said I ask you, have you ever went to see art and ended up climbing on it? Probably not, most art exhibits don’t typically like you mucking up their Picassos with your hiking boots.

And that folks is exactly what you get to do at Griffis Sculpture park. This 425 acre park is one hundred percent interactive, you can go right up the the art and in some cases even climb on it. It’s a family friendly place too,  I remember going as a kid myself, although there are a few very large, very nude  female statues that might cause a little blushing from the younger ones. But don’t let that discourage you, they aren’t very detailed and very tasteful.

On a lighter note, you can also expect to see huge bugs made of metal, brightly colored sculptures pulled straight out of the seventies and even a castle.  Its one of those places great for the photo album, or if you’re like me Instagram, so make sure you grab your camera!

I would also recommend coming prepared to hike, its not a tedious hike but you do go up a pretty large hill, so leave the flippy flops at home and opt for sneakers or hiking boots. Also we went when it was pretty hot and wished we brought more water, there is no store in the park to get H2O so come with it.  I’ve seen so many people suffer from dehydration, so staying hydrated is so important. Its also important to keep in mind that sugary drinks and soda will not help you but hurt you.  If you are sun sensitive bring sunscreen and mayhaps a hat, many of the sculptures are in a big open field and nothing ruins a good trip like a bad sunburn.

Admission is done on an honor system and is five dollars for adults, and three for the kiddos. The tours are self guided but there are easy to read maps placed all over. Like always if you want more information check out their website.


Be safe and be active,







3 thoughts on “Spring Into Action: Griffis Sculpture Park

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