Spring in to Action: Letchworth State Park


With the sun finally out, the weather warming up, and spring in the air I figured it was a good time to throw on the old hiking boots and get outside.  So this Saturday I gathered up a few good friends and headed to Letchworth State Park for some fun in the sun.

Let’s start at the beginning with a mini history lesson. The park is named after William Pryor Letchworth who left roughly 1000 acres to the State of New York thus forming the majority of the park.  In doing this,  Letchworth made arrangements to protect the park from any commercial development that he believed would be harmful to the area.

It took us about an hour and twenty minutes to drive to the park.  The drive itself is a scenic drive, taking you through little towns and rustic farmland (tons of cows to see) , so if your in the passenger seat make sure you put your phone down and enjoy the ride.  I will have to say the coolest part of the drive has to be all the windmills. About halfway through the trip you get to a point where dozens of windmill are scattered across the skyline.

The park itself is about seventeen miles long and has something for everyone. There are over a dozen hiking trails ranging from a half mile to seven plus miles, and if you don’t want to hike at all you can drive right up and park at all the major sights.  The center of the park is comprised of three waterfalls; upper, middle and lower. Each falls is absolutely stunning, you really get the feeling that you far away from home.

Along with the many waterfalls, there are playgrounds, gifts shops, and a museum. The park permits hiking, biking, fishing and hot-air balloon rides when the weather is nice. So if you’re looking for a family friendly adventure, or a get away with friends Letchworth comes highly recommended.


I will have to say, while you’re at the park its always good to think safety first.  Remember to stay on the posted trails, bring a buddy, wear sun protection and bring lots of water.  Let’s all make it our goal this spring/summer to stay active and soak in as much sun as possible!

For more information and details check out Letchworth’s website:


Good luck and be safe,



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