World’s Tallest and Stinkiest Flower

Hey Guys!

When I first heard the name Titan Arum I assumed what I was hearing was the name of a new sci-fi movie coming out this summer. I was wrong but not completely off, it does have to do with science and  it does seems straight out of a alien movie.

Titan Arum, or as its called in text book speak “Amorphophallus titanum”, is the tallest flower in the world. Now before you call up your local florist and demand to have one sent to your significant other, there’s something you need to know.  When the Titan Arum blooms, which it only does once a year, it smells like rotten meat.

The Tiatan Arum is unique to Western Sumatra where it grows on the rainforest floor. Not only is it smelly but its also incredibly rare, up until 1989 there were only about 21 flowerings in botanical gardens around the world.

This Wednesday I had the opportunity to visit the Niagara Floral Showroom (located in Niagara Falls, Ontario) and see the  Titan Arum for my self.  Sadly it hadn’t bloomed yet but it was still a pretty impressive plant, standing about 6 feet tall. Plus since it hadn’t bloomed I didn’t have to deal with the whole smelling like a dead animal part.

The really neat thing about visiting the Niagara Floral Showroom was I got to meet people from all over the world. You heard me right, people from all over have traveled to see this flower. While I was there I even met a couple from Holland who said that this was one of the most amazing sights they have ever seen.  The Titan Arum is guessed to bloom within the next three days, but there are many other great sights to see while you are there.

For those of you out there that are brave enough to expose themselves to the horrid smell, more information is provided on their website.

Good Luck!



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