Happy Tofurky Day!

Winging It was all about Thanksgiving vegetarian style in the kitchen! Seth Tibbott, founder of Tofurky and owner of Turtle Island Foods, was in the kitchen preparing a Tofurky roast with stuffing and roasted vegetables (check out the recipe below!). Tracy Murphy from the Asha Sanctuary was also in studio this morning to discuss The Festival for the Turkeys. In partnership with WNY VegFest and Tofurky, this event will celebrate and honor turkeys with a reception at Brookside Banquet Hall. Guests can enjoy a vegan meal, live music, a short film and more! The Festival for the Turkeys is from 2pm to 9pm and tickets can be purchased at www.ashasanctuary.com

Meatless Tofurky Roast with Vegetables


– 3 Tbsp Olive Oil

– 1.5 tsp. Ground Sage

– 1 Thawed Tofurky Roast

– 2 Carrot, diced

– 1 onion, quartered

– 1 tub of Tofurky gravy

– 2 potatoes cut



-thaw frozen roast 24 hours ahead of time
-place in casserole dish
-chop vegetables and surround roast
-mix soy sauce, oil and sage baste
-pour baste over roast and veggies
-cover casserole dish and place in oven
-cook for 75 minutes at 350*F
-remove from oven
-Place Gravy in saucepan and heat over medium heat while stirring
-Slice roast into thin 1/8” to ¼” slices and serve.

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