Signature Cocktails from Hydraulic Hearth

Sweet, tart, spicy, and fresh. We had vibrant flavors flowing in the kitchen this morning as Chris Guilmet, bar manager of Hydraulic Hearth, created a few signature cocktails from the brand new restaurant. From a homemade Bacon Chipotle Bloody to a Ginger Cordial, Chris has something for everyone. Check out his recipes below!

Hydraulic Hearth will be open in mid November for drinks and dinner Tuesday – Saturday, Friday lunch and Saturday bagel brunch. The new restaurant is located at 716 Swan Street, right across from Larkin Square, and includes beer brewing on premise, Buffalo’s smallest art galler, (716) GAL-LERY, and a beer garden. To learn more about Hydraulic Hearth visit


Bacon Chipotle Bloody (or virgin) Mary


For a non-alcoholic beverage, leave out the bourbon and beer

2 oz. Bacon infused Bourbon

3/4 oz. Bloody Mary Mix*

3/4 oz. Community Beer Works Stout Affective Disorder

1/2 oz. Fresh Lime juice

5 oz. Tomato Juice

Chipotle Hot Sauce, to taste



To make your own Bloody Mary Mix: Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, kosher salt, celery seed, old bay seasoning, smoked paprika, green Tabasco, red Tabasco.



Ginger Cordial (non-alcoholic)


3.5 oz (about a rounded 1/2 cup) chopped ginger

12 oz sugar

1 tbsp. Creme of Tartar

Rind of one lemon

Rind of one lime

1 c. Water



Put the ingredients in saucepan and bring to boil to dissolve sugar.

Once the mixture is at a boil, add 6 oz. fresh lime juice and 2.5 oz. (1/2 cup of chopped ginger)

Bring to boil, remove from heat and steep for one hour.

Strain through cheesecloth, squeezing any remaining liquid out of strained solids.

Add 3/4 cup Ginger Juice (equal parts by weight Ginger, Sugar, Hot Water in blender, strain through cheesecloth, squeeze all liquid out of strained solids)

Put in clean glass jar or bottle, will keep refrigerated for up to two weeks. Shake before using.


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