Healthy Pancakes from Wegmans

Winging It kicked off “Breakfast in Buffalo” week with a healthy recipe from Wegmans that is perfect for families getting back into the school routine. Chef Sue and Mallary Whipple made Oatmeal Pancakes served with fresh fruit and organic Greek yogurt. Check out the recipe below!


Oatmeal Pancakes:


2 cups fat free milk

1 ¼ cup Food You Feel Good About Oats

2 Large eggs

3 Tbsp Wegmans Pure Honey

2 Tbps Wegmans Vegetable Oil

¾ cup flour

¼ cup toasted wheat germ

1 Tbsp baking powder

½ tsp salt



  1. Combine milk and oats in a medium mixing bowl; let stand 10 minutes. Lightly beat in eggs, honey and oil.
  2. Combine flour, wheat germ, baking powder and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add milk-oat mixture. Mix well.
  3. Spray large skillet lightly with cooking spray. Preheat on Medium
  4. Spoon 1.3 cup batter into skillet to form each pancake. Cook 2-3 minutes until bottoms of pancakes are golden brown and edges begin to dry. Cook second side, 1-2 minutes.
  5. Keep pancakes in warm oven until ready to serve.

Follow along all week as Winging It brings you breakfast ideas from around Western New York! #BfastinBuffalo

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