Top ranked eaters devour wings in Buffalo

Top ranked eater in the world Joey Chestnut reclaimed his U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Title by polishing off 192 wings, which is equivalent to about six pounds of meat, in 12 minutes at the 2014 Buffalo Wing Festival. It all went down on stage at Coca-Cola Field in front of a crowd of thousands, with many more watching on the world wide web on ESPN-3.  Chestnut sat out of last year’s contest at the last minute due to illness, but he wasn’t going to let that happen again. The eating machine told Winging It! Buffalo Style‘s Lauren Hall backstage that Buffalo has a special place in his heart. Turns out most of the competitors in the Major League Eating circuit feel the same way. Third place finisher Michelle “The Cardboard Shell” Lesco visited Lauren and guest co-host Ralphie Aversa in the “Winging It” studio to break down this year’s contest and elaborate on her life as a competitive eater.

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