TMZ: Jelena Back Together, Robin Williams’ Death

Dax Holt joined Matt straight from the busy newsroom at TMZ in Los Angeles for all the latest Hollywood and celebrity news.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to be back together; the on-and-off-again couple was spotted together over the weekend and are back to calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, according to sources close to the couple. We hope it works this time…yeah…right.

New details emerged surrounding the sudden tragic death of legendary actor Robin Williams – a close confidant of Robin’s tells TMZ that the actor’s suicide was not planned or premeditated, and he was actively involved in future projects, showing no signs of depression or lack of interest.

And every celeb has got one, and now there’s a new version expected to drop very soon. TMZ obtained pictures of the unreleased Apple iPhone 6 and it’s got the tech world going absolutely nuts. What’s in store? Possibly, a wireless charging feature, a larger screen, thinner body shell and of course, a better camera.

For all the latest Hollywood headlines, be sure to catch TMZ every weeknight at 7:30PM on the CW23!

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