Morty the Corpse Flower

Matt was LIVE at the Botanical Gardens this morning for a closer look at the titan arum, a.k.a the Corpse Flower.

This huge tropical plant can grow up to 8 inches in a single day and only blooms every 6-10 years! When it does open up, an overwhelming smell of rotting flesh and other undesirable aromas spew from inside, attracting pollinators. The flower is naturally found in the rainforests of Sumatra, where it was discovered in 1879, and is the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world.

Dave Swarts, President/CEO of the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, told Matt that they are expecting the flower to bloom “in the next week or so”, but it will only be in bloom for a few hours. At that time, it will wilt and go into a lengthy hibernation before it is ready to bloom again.

You can follow ALL the fun surrounding Morty’s bloom on Twitter, @MortyStinks and use the hashtags #CorpseFlower & #BuffaloGardens. Trust us, Morty tweets himself about his daily happenings – you’ll love it.

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