TMZ: Aretha has beef with Johnny Rockets

It was a crazy scene at a local Johnny Rockets in Niagara Falls when a new employee went after the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin! She apparently ate her “take-out order” in the restaurant, something that set the employee off and quickly became heated. Johnny Rockets has since apologized to Aretha, showing her some major R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Comic Con in San Diego draws characters from all walks of science fiction and fantasy. And one reality TV star wasn’t about to miss out: Audrina Patridge from The Hills donned blue body paint and fire-red hair as she portrayed Mystique from the X-Men franchise. We’re not sure why she was there but – kudos to her?

And finally, in a world of selfies and instant photo taking, one fan snapped a picture of the First Lady with her daughters at Beyonce concert recently. The fan lined up her shot just right, capturing Sasha, Malia and Michelle Obama right in the crosshairs of her stately selfie. The White House has been proactive in prohibiting the girls from being photographed outside the presence of their father, President Obama – but this one is kinda too adorable for any real punishment to be made.

You can catch Dax and the whole TMZ team on the CW23 every weeknight at 7:30.

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