TMZ: ‘Patriot’ actress dies at 21

Matt caught up with Dax from TMZ for a round-up of all the celebrity news from the past week, and started with a sad story about the actress who played Mel Gibson’s young daughter in “The Patriot”. Skye McCole Bartusiak was found dead at her Texas home Saturday, apparently of natural causes – no foul play is suspected. She was just 21 years old.

An extra from THE PURGE: ANARCHY found himself much more than just a “behind-the-scenes” actor when his face was used as the face of the thriller’s campaign. Dax says the movie house isn’t giving him any royalties for the high-exposure and no lawyer is willing to take his case; welcome to Hollywood, dude.

And Siva from THE WANTED has convinced his fiance to have a Star Wars themed wedding – yeah, you heard that right. We’re not sure why but it sounded pretty far out there…in space…

Catch Dax and the TMZ team each weeknight at 7:30 on the CW23!

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