Cultural Concerts at the BPO

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is hosting two big concerts full of talented artists this weekend. The featured performers hail from all corners of the world.

Mayuko Camio is in town performing in the “Rising Stars of the Stradivari Society” Friday July 18 at 7PM at Kleinhan’s Music Hall. She’s a world-class violinist from Japan who plays a violin from 1735 (yes, it’s 279 years old); it’s on loan to her from an anonymous donor.

Also this weekend, cardiologist Dr. Fred Albrecht gave us a sneak peak at what we can expect during the “Doctors of the World at the BPO” concert, which features doctors from around the globe playing together. They are doctors by day but “moonlight” as musicians – can you say talented? Their concert will raise money for a local hospital in Buffalo; it happens at Kleinhan’s Music Hall at 8PM on Saturday July 19.

Head over to for more information or to snag some tickets!

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