Buggin’ Out

If bugs, insects and creepy-crawly creatures are your thing, then you’ll wanna be sure to stop by INSECTIVAL 2014 at Tifft Nature Preserve.

From bess beetles to Madagascar hissing cockroaches and even a hairy tarantula, Lauren Makeyenko brought along some pretty exotic creatures to show off on set. Matt even got a chance to hold one of the large black beetles…better him than us.

For the daredevils in the room, Lauren brought along some insect-infused desserts they’ll be selling at Insectival this year – yes, you heard that right. They’re selling chocolate “chirp” cookies topped with roasted crickets…yeah, no thanks if you ask us!

All the insecterrific fun happens Saturday July 12 – head over to www.sciencebuff.org for more information. FYI – preregistration is required for the event!

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