Throwback Thursday: Crystal Beach, 1989

When we select our “throwback” pictures here on the show, we usually go back quite a few decades but on today’s show – we skipped back just 25 years to highlight the closing of Crystal Beach Amusement Park in 1989.

From the countless families that voiced their disappointment about the park’s closing to our very own Rich Newberg’s report on that day some 25 years ago, there is much to look back on as the quarter-century anniversary passes by.

You can join in a real-life throwback by celebrating with “Memories Days”; from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday July 12, you can see the old park ride cars, check out a Halls sucker and quench your thirst with a Crystal Beach loganberry.

On Sunday there will be a concert at Waterfront Park where the Toronto All Star big Band will play songs familiar to Crystal Beach patrons.

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