TMZ: Shia Labeouf, “Dance Moms” drama

From the wacky and weird, to the just plain mean, there was plenty of Hollywood drama to catch up on with Dax from TMZ.

Shia Labeouf got arrested last Thursday June 26 at Studio 54 in NYC, following erratic behavior during a play. It’s the latest in a string of odd behaviors from the troubled actor who has put paper bags over his head at movie premieres, urinated on restaurant walls (and subsequently got banned!) and even chased after a homeless man, reportedly intoxicated.

Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland is pointing the finger at dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller, claiming she made her daughter Paige so nervous and anxiety-ridden during class when cameras were shooting, that she’s now seeking psychiatric help.

And ending on a good note, Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams did a first-class act recently by giving up her first-class seat for a soldier! She quietly asked a flight attendant to help her with her act of kindness but several fans noticed Adams’ gesture and tweeted about it, letting the rest of us in on the job well done!

You can catch Dax and the whole TMZ team every weeknight on the CW23, WNLO!

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