SkyZone’s Ultimate Dodgeball Competition

You’ve seen the wildly popular movie starring Vince Vaughn about some average guys dominating a dodgeball competition, and walking away thousands of dollars richer. Well, that very thing could happen to you during SkyZone’s Ultimate Dodgeball Competition.

Joshua Stewart and Jay Fialkowski stopped by with a look at what it takes to be a trampoline-bouncing dodgeball warrior. The objective is the same – hit the opposing team with a dodgeball to get them out. But, with the added trampolines and padded walls, the competition gets heated and intense! Plus, you get a fantastic workout.

This weekend, local teams here in Buffalo will go head to head as they bounce and dodge their way to victory – with the winners headed to Las Vegas in August for the regional competition. There, the regional winners will move on to the national championship two days later where a winner will be crowned.

Head over to to find out more information about the Ultimate Dodgeball Competiton.

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