UPDATE: Taylor Plewinski

We first met Taylor Plewinski, a freshman at Niagara University, earlier this year when she was hard at work preparing for a cross-country run that would take her from the Golden Gate bridge to the downtown Baltimore skyline.

Taylor joined us LIVE on the phone from Utah on one of her rest days for an update on her cross-country trek! On the days she and the other runners have off, they visit cancer patients in nearby hospitals to give them care bags that help make their stay more comfortable. The 4K For Cancer Run Across America is all apart of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults’ initiative to raise awareness and funds for the disease.

Taylor and 25 other runners left San Francisco June 15 and are expected to arrive July 26 in Baltimore.

Taylor has been battling 110 degree weather and scorching asphalt temperatures, so much so that her sneakers began to melt one day while running! To date, Taylor has raised more than $11,000 for young adults with cancer – and you can help out too.

Head over to www.4kforcancer.org/profiles/taylor-plewinski to donate to her cause.

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