Templeton Landing: Marlin With Mango Salsa

Chef Greg stopped by the Kitchen World kitchen today and cooked us a delicious, summer-ready seafood dish – blue marlin and zesty, mango salsa. Trust us, you’re gonna love this one!

-2-3 pcs Blue Marlin
-bread crumbs for coating
-egg beaten
-Oil for deep frying
-Mango ripe or partially ripe, peeled and chopped
-tomato, chopped
-vinegar, 1/4 cups
-onion, chopped
-a dash of pepper
-a dash of salt
-a dash of sugar

1). In a bowl combine onion, tomato, mango, vinegar, pepper, season it with salt and sugar; let it stand in room temperature for a while or you may refrigerate it
2) Next, heat the oil in the pan, season the Blue Marlin with salt, pepper and dip it with beaten eggs and coat it with bread crumbs
3). Deep fry, wait till it’s golden brown on both sides. Plate it and pour the Mango salsa on top.

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