Pi Craft’s Chopped Salad

-Salad mix
-Hand cut pepperoni
-Hard boiled egg
-Home made olive tapenade
-Red onion
-Gorgonzola cheese
-Roasted Vegetables
-Candied Walnuts

1). Combine ALL ingredients into a bowl then dump onto a flat, knife-resistant surface – you’ll want to grab (or borrow!) a mezzaluna to finely chop the salad into small pieces
2). You should chop the salad for at least 2 minutes to get the pieces down to the size that Pi Craft serves them;serve it with Lemon Citrus Vinaigrette and a home-made crouton

Second Helping: Summer Wrap

-Left over salad
-Tortilla wrap
-Honey Mustard Dressing
-Served with a bag of organic chips

1). Place leftover salad and sliced chicken (or meat of your choice!) into the tortilla, douse with some honey mustard dressing and roll it shut; you can even lightly grill the completed wrap for an extra burst of crispiness

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