Dr. Lana’s Springtime Allergy Tips

As we warm up here in Western New York, plants and trees are growing, flowers are blooming and the air starts swirling with allergy-causing pollen. Fortunately, there are some home remedies you can call upon to help lessen your body’s reaction to allergies.

Dr. Steven Lana from Delware Pediatrics says that you should always wash your hair before putting it on your pillow at night, because pollen gathers in your hair during the day and can fall off onto your pillow while you sleep. This invites sneezing, throat, ear and eye irritation right in.

Also, Dr. Lana suggests checking the pollen levels in your weather forecast for an up-to-date reading of how much pollen is in your area. This reduces your chances of being exposed to high levels. And for runners – take your jog in the morning when pollen levels are lower.

For more information on Dr. Lana and his allergy tips – visit www.delawarepeds.com.


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