Brioso Makes Braised Short Ribs


-short ribs (beef)
-1/2 cup Red wine
-1 cup beef broth
-Sazon en uno spice blend
-Diced potatoes (1 cup)
-Ground chorizo (3/4 cup)
-Diced green, red peppers, red onion
-Pepperjack Cheese
-2 eggs

1). Season beef liberally
2). Sear on all sides
3). Place beef into pan or crock pot
4). Cover with red wine and beef stock
5). Wrap in foil and braise until knife tender (approx. 3.5 hours)
OR 6). Slice in crock pot, cover in liquid and let cook for 6 hours
7). Saute peppers/onions until translucent; add to meat
8). Add potatoes and chorizo
9). Let cook until potatoes are brown and chorizo is cooked

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