Wegman’s “Garden Vegetable Sushi Roll”

Garden Vegetable Roll

Serving Size: 3 rolls serves between 3 & 6
Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

• One Cup Short Grain Brown Rice
• Two Cups Water
• 2 Tbsp. Sushi Vinegar
• 1 Avocado (Pitted and Sliced)
• 1 Seedless Cucumber (core removed and sliced into strips)
• 3 Sheets of Nori or Carrot Ginger wraps
• 3 Pieces of cooked asparagus
• 2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
• 3-4 slices of Pickled Ginger
• 3-4 Roasted Red Pepper Strips

1). Rinse rice under cold water and drain
2). Add 2 cups of water to rice, let stand for 30 Min.
3). Cook rice in rice cooker for 45 Min., let stand for 15 Min.
4). Slowly add vinegar to rice as it cools while using paddle to break up rice
5). Spread out a thin layer of rice onto the surface of wrap
6). Lay down ginger, avocado slices, cucumber pieces, asparagus, and roasted red pepper strips on the center of the rice
7). Using bamboo mat, carefully roll the sushi into a tight cylinder by ensuring that the two edges overlap each other
8). Slice using a sharp knife into 8 pieces
9). Garnish using fresh micro greens or herbs, serve, and enjoy!

Chirashi Bowls
Second Helpings

1). Place leftover rice into bowl
2). Spread remaining ingredients such as cut vegetables and sliced fish or seafood over top of the rice
3). Serve with your favorite condiments, such as soy sauce, sriracha mayonnaise or wasabi

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